Almost Here: Pumpkin Spice Everything

Fall is just around the corner here in Altus.

Pumpkin spice is en route to food items everywhere, and people are anxious for the seasons to change again! The total excitement over Fall is so real that I even bought a flannel shirt! If you can’t sit still until the official start of autumn, then head over to White Buffalo Coffee Bar, where they’re already serving up Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.

3 Things to Do This Fall

1. P Bar Farms Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch 

On September 16th, P Bar Farms is hosting a fun ‘Opening Day’ event featuring their famous Corn Maze, along with attractions like a Hay Ride, Pumpkin Patch, Petting Zoo, Train Ride, and Farm Yard activities. More things to do › › ›

Expand your mind with Altus art classes


Haley Hoover

Last week I had the privilege of taking a Mixed Media art class through the Shortgrass Arts and Humanities Council in Altus. Our instructor was Lyn Johnson and there were about twelve students in our class.

Original art by Haley Hoover

For years I have painted with oil, acrylics and watercolor but never have I participated in mixed-media. Sure, I had seen all of the intricate art on Pinterest and I knew what mixed-media was, but it always seemed a little intimidating to me. That’s why I chose to take this class. Let’s get creative › › ›

My Altus Times

‘Memories’ by Kimberly Blankenstein


The first time I came to Altus was in September of 2010. My boyfriend Dave, who was TDY for training, flew me out from WA State, and I stayed with him for a few weeks. That was my first visit to Oklahoma.

On the road to Altus, OK
On the road to Altus, OK. 2010

I remember that Altus Air Force Base was quite busy, and lodging was full, so Dave got a Non-A, and a nice room at the Holiday Inn Express on East Broadway. He would later make IHG® Rewards Club Platinum Elite status because of the length of his stay there.

Travel back through time › › ›

August is for the animals

Raising Money For Altus Animal Welfare Association

August is for the animals!

We are happy to announce that for the whole month of August we will be raising money for the Altus Animal Welfare Association. Our goal is $500, and as of today, we are almost half way there! Thanks everyone!!!

Your tax deductible donations will go towards helping animals in need in our local community, and every little bit helps. Most of the donation money is used vetting animals that come into the shelter sick or injured, that the shelter budget cannot cover, and there are also costs associated with vetting and transporting animals to out-of-state rescues.

Thank you to all the compassionate and dedicate folks who work for the Altus Animal Welfare Association.

Donate here

Take an Altus vacation

Altus is not the Maldives

No, as it turns out Altus is not the Maldives. Who would have thought, right? Well, it might sound funny but I came to Altus five different times before my husband PCSed here, and I always referred to those TDYs as our “Altus Vacations.”

Truth is, it was a vacation. When he and I first met in 2009, he was rarely home. Dave was either deployed, TDY, or on crew rest. There were a few 7-10 day periods of time when, by some miracle, he was home uninterrupted, but for the most part he was flying on the other side of the world. So whenever he had to come to Altus for training, I made every effort to tag along. Not because Altus was the destination of my dreams, but because it’s where we could spend time together, without the mayhem of life at McChord and Charleston.

Off we go! › › ›

Top 10 list of Amazon necessities

What I’ve bought, and would recommend.

You can use my Amazon shopping list to improve your quality of life here in Altus. I made the list by going through my personal purchases over the last year, and filtering out the items that I wouldn’t buy again. What is left are products that I’ve found very useful since we PCSed here.

To accompany my list of Amazon necessities, I offer a brief explanation of why I think each product is amazing. I leave it to you to decide if it’s worth trying. What works for me might not work for you!

All these products are available through Amazon. Don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime yet? It is awesome! I’ve ordered and received my purchase the very next day!

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How much is your utility bill?

Save money on your utility bill

Utility bills in Altus, OK

PCSing to Altus?  Do you intend to live on base or off base? If you choose the latter, definitely be aware of what the average utility bill is. Those who are not affiliated with the military also benefit by seeing the real cost of electricity and water. A lot of people in Altus are not shy to admit that their monthly utility bills are often shockingly high. Whatever your situation, take our calculated average into consideration when planning your monthly budget.

We also have some info on Free Energy Audits offered to Altus Power customers, and energy saving ways you can try to lower your utility bill.

What is the average utility bill? › › ›

“Military By Owner” homes for sale in Altus

Home Sweet Home on Grass

PCS house hunting?

Are you looking for a new home? There are many homes for sale through the Military By Owner website. If you have PCS orders to Altus AFB, and you want to live off base, then you should rest easy knowing that there are benefits to buying a house that is a few years old.

Pros and Cons

The advantages of buying a home in Altus that isn’t brand new are plentiful. The grass isn’t on the struggle bus, (like ours was when we first moved in), the fencing and landscaping is already done, the owners have invested in upgrades like swimming pools, storm shelters, water softeners, and reverse osmosis systems, and most importantly, the sellers are a part of the military family. They’ve been here and done that, and know what you’re looking for. They know what you need!

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Advice for Altus newcomers

Share your Altus related advice

Altus related tips and advice!

What would you tell a newcomer if they asked you “What is the most important thing I should know about living in Altus, Oklahoma?” What kind of useful advice would you give them? What necessities should they consider buying off Amazon? What schools would you recommend? And most importantly, would you bring a new neighbor a bottle of wine? We only ask because we like wine, and we know a website that delivers.

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