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Life in Altus exists to independently provide free local information and a current events calendar to: residents of Altus, Altus AFB airmen, military spouses, and Southwest Oklahoma visitors.

This info is also for PCSing military families and Altus Air Force Base students who are TDY.

Life in Altus is owned by Kimberly Blankenstein.

Local Information

If you don’t feel like cooking, you can count on me for a few lunch and dinner recommendations. There are some good bars too, like Candlelight Lounge (inside the Days Inn), and Val’s.

I encourage you to shop local using my business directory of home-based independent consultants, artists, bakers, and photographers. Many of these talented folks are also military spouses.

Home Based Business Directory

Also bookmark my local events calendar to keep up-to-date on interesting things to do in SWOK. I share events in OKC as well, because it’s definitely worth the drive once in a while.

Altus AFB

Did you just PCS to Altus AFB? Welcome!

You’ll probably see these airplanes flying around during the week. They’re both pretty cool, but we’re still waiting for the unicorn.

Life at Altus Air Force Base

ProTip: Stay busy and keep active!

Get outdoors. Fish at the lake. Go hiking.

Hike up Elk Mountain Trail

Do something with your free time, even if it’s hard to find an activity to match your interests. I started this website to keep my web development skills fresh.

Use my list of local military discounts. Even if you don’t choose to ask for a discount, it’s still nice to know that they exist here.

I also share local free meals and special offers for Veterans Day! Hopefully next year there will be more local Veterans Day offers available for you.

The Altus AFB FSS  (Force Support Squadron) plans all kinds of great events on base, and I encourage you to attend if you’re free. I do not directly benefit from your participation.


I recognize the challenges associated with PCSing to Altus AFB, and I strongly believe that while you might not choose to stay forever in SWOK, the community still needs to hear what you have to say.

Military personnel and their spouses come from all over, and carry their unique stories to each new assignment. Altus is very fortunate to have such a culturally diverse and resilient population relocating here on PCS orders throughout the year.

Altus AFB may not have been on your dream sheet, but we can all make it more interesting together.

The City of Altus, Oklahoma

The City of Altus is located in Jackson County, and is notable for being the home of Altus Air Force Base  (KLTS) the only United States Air Force training base for USAF aircrews assigned to the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III,  and KC-135 Stratotanker. The KC-46 Pegasus is coming soon.

There are two airports near Altus. Obviously there’s Altus AFB, or KLTS. There’s also Altus/Quartz Mountain Regional Airport, or KAXS.

For commercial airline flights, you will likely have to fly into Lawton–Fort Sill Regional Airport (KLAW), Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport (OKC), Dallas DFW Airport, or Love Field Airport.

Free and Independent

As a privately owned and privately funded project, this is not an official website. “Life in Altus” is not affiliated with the City of Altus, Chamber of Commerce, or Altus Air Force Base.

Lifeinaltus.com is registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State as a Domestic Trade Name Entity.

Lifeinaltus.com probably costs me between $260-$300 to operate every year. That doesn’t include the hours that I spend writing, creating new content, and maintaining it.

There are affiliate links and ads on this website. Any income generated in this manner goes into my operational expenses.

Endorsements and Copyright Info

The appearance of any U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. I’ve sourced many of the photos seen on this website from either DVIDS or Pixabay.

Photos that were submitted by individuals are used with their permission and consent.

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