Welcome to Altus, Oklahoma!

For many reasons, it is undeniable that Altus is a memorable place to visit and live. Whether you’re new to Southwest Oklahoma, TDY for training, or a lifetime Altus resident, there are always obscure and interesting things to discover here.

This interactive page covers unique general knowledge and the history of Altus and Altus Air Force Base.

The beautiful images seen here were contributed by the following talented local photographers, to whom I am most grateful: 


Tracie Thaxton

Jeff Stoermer

Mariah Flores


Shelby Thompson


Photo by Tracie Thaxton
Photo by Tracie Thaxton

Did You Know?

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Photo by Jeff Stoermer

Top 5 Local Employers

Altus Air Force Base  employs about 1500+ civilians, 1400+ permanent party military, and 1700+ TDY students annually. Meanwhile, Jackson County Memorial Hospital employs about 700+, Bar-S Foods Company provides jobs to 600+ employees, Altus Public Schools has 400+ employees, and Walmart Super Center has around 300+ employees.

Sunset by Mariah Flores
Photo by Mariah Flores

Random Knowledge

Did you know that the “S” in Bar-S Foods Company stands for Seattle? The Bar-S logo originated from a plant in Seattle. Today Bar-S Foods is owned by Sigma Alimentos, a leading Mexican multinational food processing and distribution company.

Source: Bar-S Foods

American Gypsum Company is the fifth largest producer of gypsum wallboard in North America, and has a gypsum plant located nearby, in Duke, Oklahoma.

Source: American Gypsum Company

In the 1960s, underground intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) silos were built at Altus AFB and in the vicinity of Altus. They were operated by the 577th Strategic Missile Squadron. All 12 missiles were put on alert status as a result of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Source: Wikipedia

Photo by Shelby Thompson
Photo by Shelby Thompson

Life in Altus

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Photo by Jeff Stoermer

Notable People

Medal of Honor Recipient William Robert “Bill” Lawley Jr. graduated from pilot training at Altus Army Airfield in 1943.

Hobby Lobby Founder David Green grew up in Altus, and started working retail at McClellan’s five-and-dime on Hudson Street.

Your Name Here. You don’t have to stay forever to make a difference. Do great things in life, and you’ll make Altus proud.

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Photo by Jeff Stoermer

Famous Aircraft

After the Second World War, Altus served as a scrap yard for hundreds of military aircraft, including the B-17 Flying Fortress “Memphis Belle” serial number 41-24485. The City of Memphis bought the B-17 for $350, and she left Altus in July 1946.​

Source: Wikipedia

What's Flying Over Altus?

The C-17 Globemaster III

The KC-46 Pegasus

Source: Pixabay

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Photo by Jeff Stoermer

Pros and Cons

Naturally, every place has a list of pros and cons associated with it. If you’re in Altus, chances are you’re also on Facebook, and have seen various opinion and discussion posts about life in Altus. Looking at things more objectively, I’ve narrowed down the positive and the negative factors to include the most commonly referenced items of local debate.

What makes some people fall in love with in Altus:

• Small town characteristics.
• Family friendly culture.
• The kindhearted people.
• Beautiful sunsets.

What some people complain about in Altus:

• Small town characteristics.
• Travel time to larger metropolitan areas.
• Higher than expected utility bills.
• Extreme weather.

Wildlife by Tracie Thaxton
Photo by Tracie Thaxton

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