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Are you new to Altus, or just curious about the local community? Learn the who, what, where, when, why, and how! Below I’ve put together some links to useful local Facebook pages and groups for Altus AFB Spouses, TDY aircrews, their families, and newly PCSed Altus newcomers. If you’re a local or you’ve been in Altus for a while, you probably won’t need to refer to this page…

Last update: Jan 26, 2018 @ 7:01 pm

Altus AFB Facebook Pages

Like and follow these pages for more official information related to Altus Air Force Base.

Altus Air Force Base
97 AMW Command Chief Master Sergeant
Altus A&FRC
Altus AFB Chapel
Altus AFB Commissary
Altus AFB Homes
Altus AFB Outdoor Recreation
Altus AFB Security Forces Crime Stoppers
Altus Exchange
Altus Passenger Terminal
Altus AFB Honorary Commanders
Armed Services YMCA Altus
Club Altus

Altus AFB Spouse Groups

Join these local Facebook groups which were created for Active Duty, TDY and DoD spouses.

54th ARS Spouses
56th ARS Spouses
58th Spouse’s Group
97th FSS Spouses
97th OSS Spouses
97th TRS Spouses
97 SFS Key Spouse and Spouses
Altus AFB 97 CES Spouses
Altus AFB 97th Medical Spouses Group
Altus AFB Key Spouses
Altus AFB Key Spouse Connection
Altus AFB Spouses
Altus TDY Spouses
Altus AFB Spouses Bowling League

Animals Available For Adoption

If you have questions about any of the animals currently available for adoption as pets, please contact the Animal Control Department.

Missing Animals

Altus Area Lost and found Pets

Altus Animal Welfare Association

AAWA is dedicated to improving the quality of life of animals at the local animal shelter. AAWA assists in vetting, locating rescues, cultivating local fosters, and coordinating transport to rescues. AAWA strongly promotes community education in the necessity of spaying and neutering of pets.

Donations help local animals in need.

Altus Code Enforcement

Find official answers to common newcomer questions like “What height is tall grass considered to be a violation?” “How many cars can I park at my residence?” and “Can I park my car on the grass?”

ProTip: You are held responsible to mow your back yard, and your half of the alley.

Altus Police Log

The police log will give you an idea of what our local officers are tasked with on a daily basis. Sobering at times — but on occasion humorous.

Shop Local

It’s easy to find what you need on the Facebook Marketplace. Below are other local Buy/Sell/Trade pages & groups on Facebook.

Altus Area Trading Post
Altus AFB Home Businesses
Altus Air Force Base Swap
Altus Oklahoma buy/sell/trade
Altus For Sale, Trade or Free!
Altus Sell, Free, Advertise, and Ask Questions.
Altus OK Market Place
Oilfield Trash Traders
Buy – Sell – Trade Altus area
Altus’s Used Furniture & Decor

Similar groups for Lawton and Fort Sill:

Lawton & Ft. Sill Garage Sale
Lawton Buy, Sell and Trade And More

Garage Sales

If you are interested in having a garage sale, you are encouraged to fill out a Garage Sale Permit form and return the form to the Information Window near the North entrance at the Altus Municipal Complex. The permit fee is $5. Once registered and paid for, your garage sale listing will be shown on the City of Altus Garage Sale Map.

Sex Offenders

Sex offender information is available to the general public, pursuant to Oklahoma State Statutes Title 57 OS 1991. Oklahoma law requires all convicted sex offenders to register their current address with their local law enforcement agency. The website above shows all the registered Sexual Offenders in Altus.

Utilities and Services

Altus Power (Pay your bill online)
CenterPoint Energy
Southwest Oklahoma Internet (SWOI)

More useful information will be added soon…