Public Swimming Pools

There are swimming options in and near Altus. The City of Altus has a swimming pool, and those with access to Altus AFB can use the base pool. There is also a great pool over in Frederick.

Explore your swimming options

Altus City Pool

The Linda Wiginton Aquatic Center has an outdoor seasonal pool, and an indoor year-round swimming area. There are two waterslides, and it’s a great place to cool off and beat the heat.

121 N Park Ln
Altus, OK 73521

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Altus AFB Pool

The Altus AFB Pool is conveniently located next to the Freedom Community Center on Altus Air Force Base. It’s a popular summer hangout for TDY and permanent party families, and features 2 diving boards, 2 slides and a children’s splash pad area. Many of the spouse groups on Altus AFB meet up for playdates at the splash pad.

Altus AFB Base Pool

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Frederick Public Pool

The Frederick Public Pool is about a 40 minute drive from Altus. At the time this was written, the author hadn’t been there yet, but the photos on their official Facebook page look great.

300 South 17th Street
Frederick, Oklahoma, OK 73542

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