Nightlife in Altus, OK

Is it beer o’clock already?

Looking for a good local bar to meet your friends at!? Lucky for you, you don’t always have to entertain at home. Here are a few of our preferred bars in Altus. It’s happy hour somewhere, and that somewhere is in Southwestern Oklahoma.

There’s nothing wrong with having a good time, but please don’t choose to drink and drive. Airmen Against Drunk Driving, and the Altus Express Shuttle can get you home safely. You can always pick up your car later. 

Last updated: Jan 27, 2018 @ 11:44 am

Drink and be merry at these bars!

Candlelight Lounge
» Hotel Bar & Lounge
2804 N Main St (Google Maps)

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Candlelight Lounge is located inside the Days Inn of Altus, but it’s open to the general public. We learned about this place recently, and can’t wait to go back. It’s probably the most affordable bar that we’ve ever been to, outside of a third world country. Not even kidding! A frosty mug of Blue Moon is only $1 between 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM. Even after their happy hour is over, the prices are still amazing. Candlelight Lounge is the best!

» Bar and Grill on Altus AFB
Windy Trails Golf Course (Google Maps)

Call: 580-481-6224
Charlie’s is the established hot spot to have a nice and responsible drink on base with your Air Force family. The ambiance is great, Charlie is always delightful, and the draft beer selection is pretty good. I usually get a Hoegaarden there. The only real issue with Charlie’s is that you’re bound to see somebody you know #introvertproblems. Go there if you’re feeling social, and please get home safe.

» Bar and Nightclub
2101 E Broadway St (Google Maps)

If you haven’t been to Scooters yet, then we only have one question for you. What are you waiting for? It’s basically the only place with a dance floor in Altus, and it’s quite unforgettable. There’s always a lively mix of music, and people, and coin night is legit. Bring your pennies!

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