Yes! You Need A Pet License

Starting on Monday, February 5th 2018, residents of Altus, Oklahoma who own dogs and cats over six (6) months of age will need to register for a pet license at the Altus Animal Control Department.

On January 2nd 2018 the Altus City Council adopted revisions to the existing Animal ordinances, including changes to the pet licensing program.

Just visiting? The dogs and cats of TDY airmen training at Altus Air Force Base do not require a pet license. If you’re in Altus for less than six months, you don’t need to keep reading this post. Check out all the interesting upcoming events in Southwest Oklahoma instead.

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Pet License Tags

Upon issuance of a license for your dog or cat, you will be given a metal tag. The tag can be easily fastened to your pet’s collar or harness.

Tags are not transferable, from one dog or cat to another. If you own multiple pets, you will need multiple tags.

Pets with current and valid registered microchip information can be granted an exception for wearing a tag.

Altus Pet Licensing Program starting February 5

If your pet HAS been altered, you will be given a FREE license tag “A” seen above. This tag is valid for the lifetime of your pet.

If your pet has NOT been altered, you will be required to pay a *$50 annual fee to receive a renewable license tag “B”

*You can pay in cash, by check, or credit card.

Tag Requirements

Your pet does not need to be present for you to receive your new license tag, but you must bring the following:

• A valid form of identification.
• A current rabies vaccination certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian.
• Documentation from a licensed veterinarian that your dog or cat has indeed been altered.


Altus Animal Control is open to the public Monday – Friday from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Location2200 Enterprise Drive, Altus, OK
Phone Number580-481-2285

Why Now?

In 2016, the Altus Animal Shelter took in 848 dogs and another 851 in 2017, according to statistics from the shelter. That’s an average of 71 dogs a month. And that doesn’t include cats. The pet licensing program is an effort by the City of Altus to address the pet overpopulation crisis, and promote responsible pet ownership.

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But I Don’t Want To!

If residents fail to obtain a license for each of their animals from the Animal Control Department, there will be a penalty.

For the first offense, citizens will receive a warning and will be directed to license the pet as soon as possible.

For the second offense, citizens will be directed again to license their dog or cat. If the citizen still does not comply, a $100 fine will apply.

Animal Shelter Adoptions

If you adopt a pet from the Animal Shelter, the pet license, “A” or “B” (valid for the 1st year only) will be included in the regular adoption fees.

For more complete information, please refer to Ordinance No. 2018-01 and read Sec. 5-49. – License for dogs and cats.

Other local information pertinent to Altus.


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